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Along For The Ride
  1. Along For The Ride
  2. Burning Your Bridges At Both Ends
  3. It Was Love
  4. On My Way To Texas
  5. Where Would I Be Now
  6. Cry Cry Again
  7. Get Out Of My Dreams
  8. Viento Mi Amigo
  9. Blue Fire
  10. Some Get Called For Rain

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  1. Hurt Me All The Time
  2. How High Did You Go
  3. Should I Take That As A No
  4. Don't Try This At Home
  5. Two Step Program
  6. Heaven, Hell, or Houston
  7. Fishin' In A Hurricane
  8. It's My Lie
  9. Too Cool For Horses
  10. You Know It's Country
  11. Key Of Heartache
  12. Lighthouse
  13. Opportunity Of A Lifetime
  14. Me And The Horse
  15. It Ain't A Party

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