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The legions of country music fans wondering where real country has gone need look no further than Keith Norris. From the subtle twang in his smooth baritone voice to his classic country arrangements, from two-steps to Texas swings to heart-rending ballads or honky tonk rockers, Keith is keeping three chords and the truth alive, well, and most of all, fun.

Music has always run through Keith's veins. Born and raised in the Houston suburb of Magnolia, Texas, he counts the songs of Hank Williams, Ray Price and Willie Nelson among his earliest memories. He began piano lessons as a young child, and by high school had picked up guitar, drums, bass, saxophone and clarinet.

Keith played and sang professionally throughout junior high and high school, and recognized his calling early on. "I knew I wanted to play music for a living the first time I got paid to do it." While in college, he performed as a solo artist and played several instruments in the house band of the Texas Opry, who honored him with several awards including Musician of the Year and Entertainer of the Year.

After graduating from Texas A&M University with a Bachelor's degree in Business, Keith moved to Nashville, where he began playing writers' nights and recording. His first album, the independently released and widely acclaimed Along for the Ride, quickly placed him in the country spotlight, thanks to two tremendous hit singles penned by Keith, Viento, Mi Amigo and Cry, Cry Again.


Deuce, Keith's most recent CD release, is quickly building on his fan base of music lovers, industry professionals and critics, who are enthusiastically embracing his unique voice, memorable melodies and commitment to the lyrical emotional honesty that has always defined country music.

While several songs on Deuce offer classic country themes of love, heartbreak, and the occasional trip to the bar, the album sets itself apart from much of modern country by exploring life's more difficult issues as well. Heaven, Hell or Houston is the tale of a heartbroken man contemplating suicide. Don't Try This at Home is a revealing look at the heavy toll drinking has taken on one man's family and life.

An accomplished songwriter, Keith co-wrote several of Deuce's tunes. Other top Nashville songwriters such as Kim Williams, Mark Nesler and Tony Martin also contributed songs to the project. Keith co-produced the album with industry veteran Kim Copeland.

Increasingly, Keith's substantial musical gifts are coming to the attention of his music industry peers. He is regularly invited to play and sing on other artists' demos and albums, and has been bandleader for several acts. Most recently, he has produced and co-written songs on fellow recording artist's album projects.

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Keith takes a grass roots approach to marketing. The natural place to focus his early efforts was Texas -- his home state and a unique, powerful music community unto itself. Proud of his Lone Star roots, Keith has discovered that Texas returns the sentiment generously. Radio stations throughout have warmly embraced his music, and Deuce's first single, Too Cool for Horses, made an appearance in the Top 30 on the Best in Texas Music Chart. The follow-up single, Hurt Me All The Time, fared even better, breaking the Top 10 and climbing to #8! Keith is also a favorite among Texas DJs for live in-studio performances and interviews.

But the groundswell has expanded well beyond Texas. Keith's music is now playing on radio and internet stations throughout America and Europe. His live shows are lauded as dynamic and compelling by critics, who frequently compare him to early Garth Brooks and George Strait. Nashville record producer Brett Beavers says, "Reminiscent of early Strait, Keith's music has that wonderful combination of honky-tonk edge and real life depth." Matthew Gillian of WSM's Opry Star Spotlight calls him "an artist who sounds like he just stepped off the bandstand of a Lone Star dance hall with a west Texas tornado on a rope."

But above all, to Keith, music is about communication. Telling stories people can relate to. Reaching people. And thanks to his tremendous talent and bright spirit, he's doing just that.

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Here are just a few quick facts about Keith...

  • Born and raised near Houston, Texas
  • Birthday is shared with Elvis: January 8
  • Started off learning piano before Jr High
  • Plays drums, bass, guitar, & piano
  • Has also played fiddle, sax, and clarinet
  • First appeared on television on 2 Country Kids World before he was in High School!
  • Was awarded Musician of the Year and Entertainer of the Year by the Texas Opry membership
  • The song Cry Cry Again from his Along For The Ride album was selected by mp3.com as "Cream of the Crop" for his genre
  • The song Viento, Mi Amigo ranked #1 in its genre on mp3.com
  • Current album, Deuce has already spawned a radio success with the songs Too Cool For Horses and Hurt Me All The Time..
  • Has recently produced albums for other successful recording artists
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